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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Oct 13, 2017

Matt Savant (@msavant88), President of Business Operations of the San Diego Gulls Hockey Club, San Diego, CA 



  • Matt Savant grew up playing hockey but put his passion aside to begin a career in marketing at a toy company. Shortly after, he decided to return to what he loved and became the marketing manager for the Mighty Ducks.
  • Throughout his time with the Mighty Ducks he faced adversity and proved to everyone that he was a valuable asset to the Mighty Ducks team. While working there he helped create a program that creates youth reading and physical education programs for elementary students.
  • Now as the President of the San Diego Gulls Hockey Team Matt uses his experience with the Mighty Ducks to grow and strengthen the Gulls brand

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Helpful Quotes/ Notable Pieces of Advice from podcast:


  • “Companies that take pride in the small details and care about their consumers on a personal level”


  • “Promote from within, brand development has to come from the top and all the way down”
  • “If you do not listen to the fans, they will go away”
  • “Investing money on social media is the main way to connect with fans”
  • “The path to your dreams may not be easy, but it is possible!”

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