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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Sep 1, 2017

Kyle Leavy: (@meatkyle) of Harvest Meat Company




Ole Hickory Pits:

Grill Grates:

Weber Grills:

Del Mar BBQ Championship:


Don't fear... Randy, Gene, Shawn, and Derek survived a scary explosion at the Del Mar BBQ State Championship:

We had a great time at #BETonBBQ this year. It went above and beyond expectations and of course, we will be posting the full photo album on the Del Mar BBQ State Championship Facebook by next podcast!

This week's guest, Kyle Leavy of Harvest Meat Company, he is the California Regional Manager.

Del Mar BBQ State Championship:

Derek and Shawn's new smoker (very dangerous):

You must try the Smoked Turkey from Grand Ole BBQ y Asado


VFM has been with Harvest meat for 35 years now Leavy family has been close with Marso family

Kyle's grandpa came from Ireland - he used to deliver meat in a wagon

Grandpa started butcher shop in Iowa for about 20 years then moved to the west

His Grandpa came from Ireland, was the son of a butcher. His cousin lives in Ireland and does a butcher shop and farming.

things were changing with the meat industry

tripes intestines and guts - no one else was selling those parts but Harvest Meat Co

harvest meat company has locations all over the country, 14 or 15 distro centers

anheuser - texas - sending water to #HurricaneHarvey victims

VFM with greater omaha packing plant - for the past 12 years

VFM on their Angus program - only choice and prime

Greater Omaha is very consistent from Iowa and Nebraska cattle

Greater Omaha choice looks great better than some other Primes in San diego

Tri-Tip in California is big! It's a very underutilized piece of meat. 2018 Del Mar BBQ State Championship will include a Tri-Tip category (instead of steak - 2017)

The Power of Social Media can't be ignored anymore.

Valley Farm Market used to be very run down and Derek would be embarrassed to bring his friends around the store until Derek started making changes and implementing his vision for the store

The strike in 2004 helped VFM take off. They were able to go from a commodity store to a specialty store. 

"You just have to do it. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect." Social Media is powerful for those who embrace it.

Businesses who focus on educating the consumer will build lifelong relationships with their customers.

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