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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Nov 23, 2017

Andres Hinojosa - Head Chef/Owner - Dinner With A Chef, San Diego @dinnerwithachef







BBQ Slang 101:

Chef vs Cook:

Ole Hickory Pits:

Grill Grates:

Weber Grills:

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Photos:

Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions:

Thank you to Jet West Band for our epic Intro Jingle!

Jet West:

Andres - Chef/Owner - Dinner With A Chef

It is a busy time for Valley Farm Market during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving

Pro Tip: Bribery with food bbq&beer works!

Dinner with a Chef:

Shoutout to Austin in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

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Backstory - In 2013 Andres met Shawn and Gene

Shawn and Gene brought professional BBQ and made a good first impression on Andres

Derek on teamwork and leadership: “it’s not just about YOU, no selfish ways, it’s about a MOVEMENT, a collective team”

Andres started his business by catering, farmers markets, which led to his creation of his business

For vending or farmers market, you will need an Annual TFF permit - VERY IMPORTANT (annual is preferred)

When vending, Buy a Tent for selling food in, has to be fire retardant, have side walls and serving windows

When doing farmers markets, analyze what your product is, why you’re putting it out there, and know its very hard to be profitable at farmers markets, great for marketing, get your name out there, chance for people to see how you are different

Some days Andres felt like he lost money at farmers markets

Derek thoughts on vending in public, “You can’t go into farmers markets with mindset of making money, it won’t work, you have to know the bigger picture”

Similar to how Corbins Q did it, started at farmer's markets

"You have to do it to learn it, won’t know it until you try"

"Fail to know success"

"As long as you’re trying, you are doing better than those people who are doing nothing"

New Behind The Smoke News: Derek is having a third kid!

Business wouldn’t be anything without partnerships - just like the husband wouldn’t be anything without their amazing and supportive wife

Andres likes to consume podcasts and audiobooks and he notes that your phone can be the biggest help nowadays with all the data and knowledge available at your fingertips

Derek has the biggest thirst for knowledge now, he was the exact opposite in his younger days, currently doesn’t have cable, doesn't listen to music, he’s just trying to learn

Big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast


Thanksgiving package deal from Chef Andres for 12 people

One year for Thanksgiving, Andres served 13 or 14 meals across SD, from Escondido to Imperial Beach. Andres notes how difficult it ended up being as every client wanted something unique, different

Andres notes, "You say “yes” when back is against the wall and you have bills to pay"

Andres learned from his Thanksgiving failure big time and didn’t do anymore package deals for thanksgiving after..

The important part is that Andres learned a lot from his Thanksgiving attempts, it still made people happy, and he got great reviews online

On his website, Andres has a detailed Thanksgiving Guide with a shopping list and a timeline

How to become a chef

Andres is planning on launching a Personal Chef Academy - a full blown training program that's mostly digital - "how to start your business from the ground up" with personalized programs for each person and different styles

This academy could be a different way for chefs to grow, be different

so many chefs are underpaid and overworked

What makes you a “chef?” asks Derek

"Chef" talk:

"Lead people to victory, don’t manage"

"Encourage your team, no pushing your team"

Thomas Keller -

Lose the title-based mindset/culture

"You are never done improving or evolving"

"give OWNERSHIP to your team to grow"

Andres on how he empowers his team... "If you have your lead cook or sous chef come up with a daily special, that can help your team become a real part of the business and become more involved"

EntreLeadership book:

Podcast by Dave Ramsey:

Intentional Living by John Maxwell:

"Learn from mistakes along the journey"

Read Read Read - education has been a blessing for Andres

Derek “embrace the grind, love it, dig in, embrace the struggle"

“I find comfort in being uncomfortable” - Derek

If you aren’t screwing up you aren’t living, (in some aspects) failing  makes you feel alive

"Failing is when you give up" - Andres

Your “failure” is really disguised as an opportunity

Chef Andres is excited to keep building as a team and keep learning and growing his business of talented chefs

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