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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Oct 6, 2017

Nicole Matthews (@henleyco), Global Event, Travel & Lifestyle Concierge | Speaker | Event Professor | Social Media Champ | Recess Architect | Permission Author San Diego, CA 







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Nicole Matthews, The Henley Company

Author of the book: Permission, stop competing and start creating the life you want to live

Shawn and Nicole met when he took one of her classes at USD

Nicole has owned her business for ten years called The Henley Co.

She named business Henley after the city in London where she found inspiration and peace of mind

She knew corporate america was not for her, and such, gave birth to Henley company

Olympics, super bowls, FIFA are just some of the events she has worked for

Although, through all of her successes she never forgets all of the struggles she faced

Nicole notes "It is important to understand your vulnerabilities and to understand the process and the journey..."

Nicole says she always knew that she wanted to write a book, and wrote it in 6 weeks focused on not editing and just writing to create the most authentic story

Was persuaded by her publisher to change her name on her book, decided to break her contract so that she can keep her name, to keep the authenticity

Nicole says, "When writing a book, one of the most important aspects is creating a strong outline"

Simply write down what you want to talk about in your outline then find stories within that outline

"When figuring out what you want to say in a podcast, book, etc. You have to think about why you want to talk aloud, not what you are going to say or how it is going to sound"

It's important to offer something to the most important person in the room, be brave and see yourself as a colleague

Leaders do not just lead, they inspire

Nicole spent lots of time in England

"Pub Mentality: you either get stuck on your barstool, or you bolt and you never come back"

You are either the person who talks about life, or the person who lives life

There is no magic pill to give you the life that you envision, you have to do something to make that life happen

Nicole is a crisis interventionist with the SD Police Department volunteer, gets called to the scene when needed

Incredible privilege for her to be with people at their most vulnerable moments

Depressing piece for her is that she encountered a lot of people who were “stuck” and not living

Shawn's grandpa learned how to read, that then created a thirst for knowledge and gave him the inspiration to become a Dr. and leave Bulgaria

Shawn's takeaway on her book was that he could relate to her struggles of people doubting her ability to succeed. It caused him to reflect on how he used mentors and worked hard to get to where he is now..

Don’t worry about your shortcomings, capitalize on what you do well


It is so Important to ask for help, you can't always be the "hero"

Nicole was inspired to work at the London Olympics and sent an email to many people in hopes to make that dream come true. She notes that it was important that she followed up on that email

Nicole got the job at the London games working with the CEO of visa Europe

To be an olympic city you have to build a city within a city, changes the dynamics of a city forever

Joe Rogan Podcast:

Teaches because she feels like she owes it to the industry, wants to better the industry, wants to change the amount of hobbyists in the industry

Nicole teaches to produce people who become her colleagues

When it comes to marketing, you have to know your target market

Create a call to action with social media, use authenticity to draw people in

Get out of your own way, give yourself permission to be successful and to do what you want to do

Just because you give yourself permission does not mean you do not have to put in the work

Important to know who you can lean on around you

May take some time being uncomfortable and taking risks to do what makes you happy

Last place is better than the person who didn't try at all

Nicole’s idea on her future podcast is how she found inspiration from having conversations around the table, moments around the table, wants to find interesting people talk to them and hear their stories

How Big is Your Bold is the loose title for her next book finding inspiration for people’s “bold” moments and telling other people’s stories

One of her defining moments was when the man she was in a relationship with told her he impregnated another woman

Social media is not a fad, it's here to stay

Different understanding when using social media for social reasons and then for a business with actual business goals





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