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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Jul 14, 2017

Jerry McCray and Brian Bushfield (@PorkBellysBBQ & @HotSaucesnMore) of Pork Belly's BBQ and Hot Sauces N' More




Ole Hickory Pits:

Weber Grills:

Del Mar BBQ Championship:

- Jerry McCray of Pork Belly's BBQ

- Brian of Hot Sauces n' More

- Arlie "the Don King of BBQ" manager hiring FB video:

- Kalin goes to VFM video:

- Spring Valley BBQ Fest:

- Big Poppas Smokers:


- Hot Sauces n More - Located in Chula Vista, opened in 2009 - sells sauces online!

- Hot Sauces n More - 2015 Birch Rd #1219, Chula Vista, CA 91915

- Pork Belly's BBQ steak seasoning is the bomb!

- Hot Sauces n More carries around 500 different hot sauces 

- Scoville Heat Units explained:

- Mad Dog Hot Sauces:

- Mad Dog No. 9 Plutonium $130:

- Cali Hot Wing Challenge:

- "What helps with hot sauce?" Milk / or just waiting it out! - Brian

- Big Green Egg Fest (pics below)

- Adding Grill Grates is a game changer!

- BBQ class on 7/23 - Hot Sauces n More - call (619) 482-2468 or get info on Hot Sauces n More IG & FB - tips and tricks for KCBS cooking 3 meats (Pic below)

- Jerry of Pork Belly's BBQ gets meat from Restaurant Depot:

- Bad weather during the first EggFest - everyone had to overcome adversity

- Throwing bbq events/competitions opens up lots of doors

- Bolt Brewery 8/12 and 8/26 Pork Belly's BBQ: Address: 8179 Center St, La Mesa, CA 91942

- Pro Tip: Have a checklist for EVERYTHING!

- Bolt Brewery #TeamStenovec fundraiser:

- On Pork Belly's BBQ, Brian does brisket and chicken, Jerry does ribs and pulled pork.

- Brian is looking to do a Turkey Fest in the first weekend of November - class to cook

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