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Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

May 11, 2017

Gene Goycochea (@GGoycochea) from KCBS BBQ and Cali Comfort BBQ



2001 Article on CBBQA Out of the World:

2011 Article on Gene and Cali Comfort BBQ:

2013 Article on Gene and Cali Comfort BBQ:

BBQ Industry Article with Tri-Tip "tips" from Gene:

Ole Hickory Pits:

Weber Grills:

Del Mar BBQ Championship:

Man Meat BBQ Podcast with Shawn:

Scott and BR Show April 28, Hour 2:


- Shawn's tweet that caused fans in San Diego to go buck wild:

- Dave and Jeff's Podcast in response to people's backlash against Shawn and Cali Comfort BBQ:

- Shawn and Gene first met in 2009 when Gene was retired

- Gene tells us about his journey as a BBQ competitor, judge, and his BBQ roles at Cali Comfort BBQ

- Differences between competition-style BBQ and restaurant-style BBQ

- How Gene helped Shawn change Cali Comfort into a well-known BBQ spot

- Ole Hickory Smokers delivering quality BBQ

- Consistency is key for restaurant-style BBQ

- Gene Goycochea competed in BBQ and is now a teacher of BBQ classes

- 30 Years ago "There was no good BBQ in California"

- Gene learned the most from BBQ competitions and brought his knowledge to Cali Comfort BBQ

- What happens when you get the "BBQ Bug" 

- Gene and "Rattlesnake Roundups" at his first BBQ contest

- First Ole Hickory bought in 2002 and stuck in a 50 ft. trailer

- The intimidation factors of KCBS BBQ contests

- Knowing how to cook for VOLUME in People's Choice

- People's Choice BBQ started in 1998 in San Diego with Gene Goycochea

- Cali Comfort BBQ new partnerships with San Diego Gulls at Valley View Casino Center

- BBQ pits at Cali Comfort BBQ run almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- How Cali Comfort BBQ and Valley Farm Market ruined people's Thanksgiving with over 100 birds and two Ole Hickory Pits running

- Oklahoma Joe's BBQ with 18 Ole Hickory Pits

- Pappy's Smokehouse St. Louis BBQ with 25 Ole Hickory Pits

- Try Grande Ole BBQ in San Diego

- John Bracamonte in Hillcrest Brazen BBQ

- Jet West Band (jingle in intro)

- Tim Hurley Band

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